3 new animal species arrive at Vizag zoo


As part of a collaborative animal exchange program between Indira Gandhi Zoological Park (IGZP), Visakhapatnam and National Zoological Park (NZP), New Delhi, Vizag Zoo is set to welcome new species from the animal Kingdom.

According to a press release from IGZP Vizag, the two new animal species are the Bengal fox and the Himalayan goral. In addition, a male Nilgai (Blue Bulls) was brought in to mate with the Nilgai females already present in order to ensure that there was a new reproduction. All the basic needs of the animals are met and he is close to his natural behavior.

Newly brought in animals will be kept in the zoo’s quarantine facility as per usual procedure. It is only after meeting the requirements, mentioned in the animal exchange procedure, that the new animal species will be released into their respective enclosures. After the quarantine period, the IGZP will announce the date from which visitors will be able to see new entrants at Vizag Zoo.

This animal exchange program was approved by the Central Zoo Authority in April 2021. However, due to the second wave of Covid-19, monsoons and then frequent cyclonic rains, there has been a delay in transport animals. This exchange is being carried out in 2 phases as there are more animals to bring from Delhi Zoo to IGZP and there is also a threat of bird flu during the current period. The remaining species will be brought in in February 2022 after the end of the avian flu threat.

Currently, IGZP has two hippos, a mother-son duo. Therefore, for breeding purposes, Vizag Zoo will obtain another hippo from NZP, New Delhi. The remaining species, which have not yet been received, are six pairs of sangai, two pairs of white ibis, a pair of silver pheasants, Kalij pheasants (one male and two females) and a pair of marsh deer. In return, Vizag Zoo will spare two wild dogs, a striped hyena, a sacred baboon and 15 star tortoises in NZP, New Delhi.


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