Aiken man charged with animal abuse causing unnecessary suffering


November 2 — An Aiken man was arrested on October 27 in an animal neglect case.

Raymond Jenkins, 65, is charged with animal abuse.

On October 13, Aiken County code enforcement officers received a call from a home care nurse indicating that there was a dog located at a residence on Mississippi Avenue that “needed to be verified, “according to an incident report obtained from Aiken County under the Freedom of Information Act.

Officers said the animal “appeared to be tangled all over the place and was lying on the ground,” according to the report.

Police returned to the residence on October 14 and the resident said the dog belonged to Jenkins.

The suspect was called by phone and said the county “needed to pick up his dog pending cruelty charges,” police said.

The dog, Chewy, was taken for a medical examination the same day, where the vet found the animal was “severely tangled with severely infected and inflamed ear canals, carpets hanging from the ears, neck, paws and at the tail, “according to the report.

The vet said “he had to remove 2 pounds of matted hair from the dog Chewy that had become encrusted in the dog causing skin injuries,” according to the report.

According to the animal’s medical records, the dog was estimated to be 9 years old.

The vet said the dog was “surprisingly easy to work with” and “very well behaved,” according to the animals‘ medical records.

Aiken County Code Enforcement filed an arrest warrant on October 19, stating that the suspect “causes[d] unnecessary pain or suffering ”by“ failing to provide veterinary care when necessary ”.

On October 20, officers went to the Aiken County Detention Center because the subject had said he would be there to surrender, but he never showed up.

The suspect was arrested on October 27 by the Aiken County Code Enforcement and taken to the Aiken County Detention Center.

The whereabouts of the dog are currently unknown.


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