Biden administration plans to overturn Trump-era Endangered Species Act rules


Background: The Biden administration pledged in June to overturn rules the Trump administration had put into effect in its dying days.

Together, the two proposals would remove the changes that most concerned environmental groups, which had criticized Trump-era changes for making it too easy to expand industry into areas needed to revive protected species. Real estate developers, oil companies and farm businesses had called for the changes, saying the ESA process made it too easy to exclude land from development and too difficult to remove species and their habitat from federal protection.

“We are relieved that the Biden administration has taken this important step towards restoring essential protections for species at risk,” said Noah Greenwald, director of endangered species at the Center for Biological Diversity. “There is simply no way to save animals and plants from extinction without protecting the places they need to live. ”

The oil industry was already engaging in conservation actions, the American Petroleum Institute said in response to the proposed changes.

“ESA regulations should ensure that decisions on determining critical habitats are based on scientific and objective data and coordinated with the appropriate stakeholders,” said Amy Emmert, senior policy advisor at IPY, in a statement. communicated. “We will continue to support efforts to advance habitat protection and environmental stewardship while ensuring access to safe and responsible US energy development. ”

And after: Agencies will collect public comments for 30 days after the proposal is posted in the Federal Register.


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