Div Com Kashmir Kicks Off World Habitat Day Webinar


Addressing attendees, Pole said people in the past were not concerned about the habitat of other living things, but since global warming hit the world, people have started to worry about it. other habitats.

“It was global warming and other climate changes that made people realize the importance of the ecosystem and sustainable development,” he said.

The divisional commissioner said there was a need for holistic habitat development, not only for humans, but also for animals, flora and fauna.

Speaking on the occasion, IEI J&K State Center Srinagar President Er Aamir Ali said cities and urban areas are primarily responsible for maximum greenhouse gas emissions and global emissions of carbon dioxide. carbon that has led to climate change.

“Excessive carbon dioxide emissions from excessive vehicle use, energy consumption, rampant construction practices and unscientific waste management have become a global threat,” he said. .

Ali called for joint efforts to create sustainable and carbon neutral towns and villages.

NIDM’s Dr Amir Ali Khan, speaking at the webinar, emphasized capacity building for the general public in addition to building infrastructure.

“Under the name of town planning, various large projects are being carried out but there is a need to make town planning sensitive to disaster risk reduction,” he said.


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