Exotic animals roaming free in UK sparking fears as police warn public not to approach


Two wallabies have escaped their sanctuary in Thorner and are currently at large with police expressing concerns for public safety.

On Wednesday, Roxy and Amadeus, a pair of male and female albino wallabies, escaped their enclosure in North Leeds due to bad weather.

The climatic conditions caused damage to the fence of the exotic animals, causing their escape.

Although they were recently spotted today by a neighbor in the village, as the two macropods roamed his garden this morning, Roxy and Amadeus quickly fled the scene before anyone had a chance to catch them.

Roxy, the female, would carry Joey, a baby wallaby, in her pocket.

West Yorkshire Police have requested to be contacted on 101 using the following reference number: “WYP log 1671 of 28/10/2021”

The owner, Nathan Pearson-Clough, runs an animal sanctuary in Thorner called “Thorner Alpacas”, in which he kept the two fugitives.

Speaking to the Yorkshire Evening Post, he said: ‘The bad weather we had last night knocked over part of the large branch of a tree and the branch knocked the wood off the top of the post, which then hit the mesh.

Nathan, who also owns alpacas, goats, bats and various other species, ensured that the rest of his animals were fine.

While police and animal lovers have warned the public not to approach ocean creatures, Nathan explained in a Facebook post that getting close to the couple would only scare them away.

“We have a vet on hold who can dart if needed, but the ideal scenario would be to be able to bring them into an enclosed space like a garden where someone could just calmly shut the door or a field because they’re obviously trying to catching a wallaby in an open space is very difficult to do, ”explained the owner.

Red-necked wallaby carries five-month-old albino baby in his pocket
Roxy, the female, would carry Joey, a baby wallaby, in her pocket

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He added: “We just hope people can help us by watching, checking your gardens and if any of them are in your garden, just close your door calmly.

“They are not going to attack you, they are not dangerous animals, they are more afraid of you than you are of them.

“But if you try to approach them, they’ll be scared and jump and they can jump up to eight feet, so don’t try to approach them.”

Nathan pleaded for locals to be vigilant as Roxy and Amadeus could be located anywhere from Thorner to other open farm fields like Bardsey and Scarcroft.

While Roxy is carrying baby Joey, the animal keeper asked people to keep their dogs on a leash, so as not to frighten the mom.

He added: “We obviously really want to find them both and don’t want anything to threaten them.

“The fields have been secured again and we just really want them back. “

West Yorkshire Police asked to be contacted on 101 using the following reference number: “WYP log 1671 of 28/10/2021”.


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