Google search sheds light on endangered species in AR


Google search provides an AR representation of five endangered species, including the arctic fox.


The white-backed woodpecker is one of the rarest and most vulnerable woodpeckers in Europe. Although breeds of the bird can be found as far east as Korea and Japan, its numbers are on the decline in the Nordic countries, leading the Swedes to adopt protections in an attempt to preserve the species.

There are currently more than 38,000 species of animals threatened with extinction, according to the Red List of Threatened Species published by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, which assesses the risk of extinction of thousands of species.

To raise awareness about endangered animals, Google has teamed up with the Swedish Society for the Conservation of Nature to present five new Swedish endangered species. By searching for the white-backed woodpecker in the Google app and tapping on the 3D view, users can get a close-up augmented reality view of the bird at real scale, with the way it moves and sounds. Other animals featured in the AR presentation are the lynx, arctic fox, harbor porpoise, and carder bee.


The AR versions of the Lynx, Arctic Fox, White-backed Woodpecker, Harbor Porpoise, and Carder Bee can be found in the Google app.


The project comes as the United Nations is hosting a biodiversity conference this week, where countries around the world will discuss goals for protecting the natural world, including the protection of endangered species.

Google has started putting 3D objects in Google search a few years ago and recently added more things searchable in AR, such as skeletons and microscopic cell structures. Google has a lot of animals, including dinosaurs, and also some space objects, such as planets and satellites, via NASA.


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