Islamabad High Court bans importation of endangered animals


The Islamabad High Court has banned the importation of endangered and exotic species into Pakistan.

In a written order issued on Saturday, Judge Athar Minallah called on the Federal Tax Council to ensure that endangered animals are NOT imported into Pakistan until the next hearing.

“Depriving animals of their natural environment for human recreation is a violation of their basic rights,” the court said. “The existence of the human species on this planet depends on the survival and conservation of animal species and their natural habitats.”

The judge observed that the conditions under which animals are imported into the country are “contrary to the mandatory requirements prescribed under the Pakistan Wildlife Trade Control Act 2012 and the Convention on international trade in endangered species of wild flora and fauna. ”.

Trading in animals, which involves the process of importing or exporting, subjects them to unnecessary pain and suffering, which is a punishable offense. Judge Minallah therefore asked the Ministry of Climate Change and the FBR to justify the legality of the conditions prescribed by the Import Policy Ordinance.

Until then, the import of exotic animals is banned, the court added, adjourning the hearing to Nov. 19.

Pakistani Animal Rights Laws

According to the Pakistan Wildlife Trade Control Act 2012, there are certain requirements for importing a wild animal into the country:

  • an import permit or a no objection certificate issued by the management authority.
  • importation must be carried out for purposes which do not adversely affect the survival of the species concerned and other native species of flora or fauna.
  • the proposed recipient of a live specimen is suitably equipped to house or care for it.
  • the managing authority is confident that the specimen is not being used for commercial or entertainment purposes.


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