Metroparks Meetup: animals get ready for winter


TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – With fall late in the day, you may have cleaned out the gutters and checked your heating system. As for our furry and feathered friends, they’ll need to do one of three things to get through the cold months ahead.

Madison Lindsay, day camp coordinator for Metroparks Toledo, told us, “There’s migration, so it’s going. It goes into some form of sleep or state of dormancy. And then there’s staying awake and adjusting.

Everyone knows that many birds head south for the winter, but so do some species of bats, as well as the monarch butterfly. During this time, many animals that stay local and awake, such as squirrels and deer, will have thicker fur and eat hidden food or adjust their diet. And of course, some animals like groundhogs just sleep in the winter.

As for what exactly groundhogs do to hibernate, Lindsay explained, “In early fall they’ll go ahead and eat a bunch of high-fat foods, they’ll crawl into their dens, they’ll put on a lot of fat. earth on it, they will snuggle up, and then they will survive on what they ate.

Other creatures, such as the cruciferous frog, have very unique methods of survival. “They have their own antifreeze,” Lindsay said. “So their body water will freeze, but they will stop their internal organs from freezing, and their heart and breathing will slow down.”

For those of you who want to stay active this winter but don’t have natural antifreeze, some of our Metroparks have mini nature centers that you can visit and observe the wildlife outside while staying in. warm inside.

“Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we have to hibernate,” Lindsay added. “We can go out and go to the parks. Our six “Windows to Wildlife” can be found at Secor, Side Cut, Swan Creek, Oak Openings, Wildwood and Pearson. “

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