Role of stray dogs in the ecosystem, its elimination can lead to disaster, are we prepared for this?


ALLAH has done nothing unnecessary in the universe. Each creature has its own role in the ecosystem. Likewise, dogs have their own role in the ecosystem. We domesticate dogs because they are friendly to humans and also have a role in the lives of humans. But were created to live independently in the ecosystem. Their main role is to remove sick or sick and dead creatures from the environment, so that the environment remains clean. They roam here and there in nature in search of food and have great olfactory power. Thanks to the latter, they can follow the scent and reach the target. They mostly find easy targets, the easiest targets are dead animals and birds in the wild and they eat them. Thus, our environment remains clean and therefore they have a role in the ecosystem. Sometimes they carry dangerous organisms with them and can therefore transmit the disease if they come into contact with humans or their food chain. But overall, this is a very rare situation. As the human population has increased dramatically, stray dogs can find easy food for themselves, so most importantly, at night, they come to invade the human facility to find food in the form of discarded food. Again, this is good for the ecosystem as food scraps or food thrown outside of human settlement homes are removed by these excellent creatures. When dogs roam the human establishment in search of food, dog bite incidents can and do occur, but occasionally. In such cases, again only in very rare cases, can they transmit fatal diseases if dogs carry them, such as rabies.

We saw recently that there are groups working to sterilize stray dogs, it seems clear that they must be removed from the ecosystem and only domesticated dogs will remain. In the recent past, some organizations also tried to kill them by various means, including giving them strychnine or shooting them. Say, killing and neutering together will wipe dogs out of a country’s ecosystem, so has anyone realized what can happen?

If there were no dogs in the ecosystem, then who could have removed sick or dead animals and birds from the environment. If birds and dead animals were present everywhere in nature, putrefying organisms to putrefy, you can imagine how the foul smell would have been in the environment. The gases produced by decaying organisms will disturb the environment as the oxygen level decreases and many other types of gases increase. All these elements will certainly have an impact on the change of the microflora of the ecosystem. In addition, due to too much activity and everywhere putrefying organisms, it itself had to cause an increase in the number of these organisms, again disturbing the balance of microflora.

Now, depending on the scenario, should we try to eliminate dogs from our ecosystem. It must be thoroughly debated before giving way to different organizations and groups to work for their elimination. Given the situation in an advanced world, where they control the stray dog ​​population, but humans have taken on the role of eliminating dead birds and animals. In fact, they investigate every death in the wild through a setup. Now, do we have such kinds of setups in our system at government or non-government level.

Also, how much sincerity is their disposition at work. These are a few questions that must be answered before making any move, which otherwise can lead to a dire situation.

Solutions to this problem may be to vaccinate all stray dogs and other animals that may be reservoirs for the rabies virus. Second, produce a large amount of rabies serum, make it available at the village level, and administer the serum to every dog ​​bite case, whether or not the biting dog shows signs of rabies, as there are always carried dogs that don’t show signs of rabies.


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