San Mateo Habitat Garden with collection and storage of rainwater –


Elaine Salinger’s garden has grown from ivy and non-natives to a garden of almost 100% native habitat over the past twenty years. She will illustrate how she and her husband did this by incorporating the following principle: what happens in the garden stays in the garden. She will explain how to use whatever you prune as mulch and how to use larger tree branches to build paths and trails; how to collect rainwater and groundwater, store it and use it in the garden; and the benefits of using rock mulch and yard waste as mulch, rather than buying bark mulch. Elaine will showcase some of her favorite plants in the landscaped upper yard, including fifteen manzanitas, the frog pond, and the riparian area surrounding the pond.

The property abuts an open space of serpentine, and Elaine will show the transformation from the bottom of the hill, where she removed invasive non-native plants, allowing local natives to spread. Elaine and her husband are dog lovers too, and Elaine will briefly offer advice on how to have a dog-friendly native yard.

Elaine Salinger is a retired veterinarian who lives in San Mateo. She is passionate about native plants, animals, climate change action, political engagement and making the most of every day. The quote that best describes it comes from EB White: “I wake up every morning determined to both change the world and have a good time. Sometimes that makes it difficult to plan my day. “

This conference will be broadcast live on YouTube


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