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Keri: The slender loris, a primate that lives in thick thorny bushes and bamboo tufts, is under threat in the forests of Goa due to deforestation and poaching.
A small nocturnal primate, which attracts attention because of its two large brown eyes close together at night, is threatened by increased logging and poaching.
Infrastructure projects proposed by state and central governments – expressway extension, double track railway and power line – in the protected and private forests of Mollem threaten the natural habitat of wild animals like lorises. slender.
Known locally as the ‘van manus,’ this arboreal primate spends most of its life on trees, reveling in insects, leaves, flowers and sometimes bird eggs.
In the jungles of the Western Ghats of Goa, the slender loris faces the threat of poachers due to the mistaken belief that its call sounds like a cry and is considered unlucky, and therefore the animal is often killed suddenly. of fire.
Also, there are poachers from Karnataka and Goa who got involved in the trafficking of primates by selling them at a high price. They are kept in a cage as pets.
Gajanan Shetye, an animal keeper from Sattari, told TOI: “The slender loris is the least studied primate about which many superstitions still prevail. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has classified them as endangered, while in our country they are listed in Annex I of the 1972 law on the protection of wildlife.
Although the slender loris is repeatedly sighted in the forests of the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary in Mollem as well as in private forests, very few locals are aware of their presence.
When TOI contacted the Mollem rangelands forest officer, Sidhdesh Naik, he said: “We have decided to raise public awareness of the presence of slender lorises in our forest areas and their vulnerable status by emphasizing their ecological role”.
Besides Mahavir Sanctuary and Mollem National Park, the slender loris has also been spotted in Cotigao and Mhadei Sanctuaries.
The slender loris is endemic to southern India and Sri Lanka, and is currently threatened by habitat loss, electrocution on live cables, road accidents and illegal poaching.


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