Social media influencer insurance becomes vital for online personalities


Commentators, critics, bloggers and others are now exposed to many unexpected risks.

A growing number of insurers are now offering special social media influencer insurance products and packages to help online personalities cover themselves against multiple risks.

This new form of hedging aims to protect influencers from their unique exposure to liability.

Social media influencer insurance coverage is a new form of solution for this industry. It goes beyond traditional forms of commercial hedging which don’t quite represent the types of risks faced by those who write and post text, images and videos online.

Influencers such as bloggers and social media identities typically share opinions, reviews, and are involved in promoting and marketing products online. The right roofing solutions protect those who are active on blogs and social media accounts for these purposes. This coverage is a modified form of that available to small business owners or to manufacturers and fashion houses, among other businesses that promote their own products and services.

Social media influencer coverage is a suitable type of coverage for many individuals and businesses.

Among those who could benefit from this type of small business insurance includes the following:

• Bloggers
• Vloggers (bloggers via video)
• Social media personalities
• Industry influencers
• Celebrities of different levels
• Sports personalities
• Public figures
• Academics
• Opinion leaders
• Company founders
• Senior business leaders

Among the advantages of this type of cover include the fact that it offers worldwide protection as social media is not limited to the locality of the individual or business. It can be viewed by fans and followers all over the world.

It also provides additional protections to cover equipment such as computers, phones, cameras, office contents, and other property and accessories that are part of operations. It can cover master keys, floods, earthquakes, extra expenses, business disruptions, crimes, machines and more.

Social media influencer insurance extensions will typically include risks such as the following coverages:

• Advertising responsibility
• Errors and omissions
• Defamation and slander
• Product recall costs
• Defective manufacturing
• Breach of confidentiality
• Violation of intellectual rights
• Legal liability of tenants
• Employee benefit liability
• Professional responsibility in matters of employment
• Personal and advertising liability
• Medial payments


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