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Bookend Trust Director Niall Doran is excited to share an exhibit of some of Australia’s most fascinating cave dwellers during the month of November in Mount Isa. The exhibit, titled Sixteen Legs, opens Friday and focuses on an ancient species of spider that inhabits the deepest caves and dates back over 350 million years. “Spiders are the star of the series that goes back to the beginning of dinosaurs – they have survived mass extinction events and they have weird sex lives,” says Doran, laughing. He says spiders have eight legs like any regular arachnid, but the title is a pun on the courtship of a male and female spider. And although they have the normal number of legs, they can grow to about the size of a plate, Mr Doran said, saying some were measured around 24 centimeters. The exhibit stems from a deep dive into Tasmanian caves and features an array of creatures that inhabit underground. “We’re talking about the animals that live in Australia’s deepest caves – it’s an exploration of the cave ecosystem,” he said. Two models have been scaled up to a wingspan of five meters and will feature primarily, while the exhibit promises a great experience for the eyes, including artwork from previous stops on the tour. “It’s a great visual exploration,” Mr. Doran said. “There is a great exhibition of photographs of the caves, but also works of art from all the different places she visited in Australia.” He said they hope to be able to add similar artwork from the Mount Isa exhibit visit soon. “It started in Tasmania – that’s where the deepest caves are – so in a way it depends on the history of those Tasmanian caves.” But we’re trying to inspire, which is hidden in your own backyard – that’s a great jump point. ”The exhibit opens Friday and will run until the end of November.” The very big driver of the exhibit has been touring through regional Australia – something like that usually ends up in capitals, so we’re really looking forward to people coming in and grabbing this opportunity. “



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