UN-Habitat plants trees in Al-Abdaliya oasis


KUWAIT: US Ambassador to Kuwait Alina Romanowski (left) plants a tree during the campaign. – photos KUNA

KUWAIT: Ameera Al-Hassan, head of the United Nations Human Settlements Program (UN-Habitat) in Kuwait and the GCC, said the “Kuwait Plants” campaign, launched in 2019, aimed to plant 1,000 trees in the oasis of Al-Abdaliya in cooperation with Kuwait. Oil Company (KOC), to promote environmental awareness and achieve sustainable development.

Head of the United Nations Human Settlements Program (UN-Habitat) in Kuwait and GCC Dr Ameera Al-Hassan

Yesterday, during an afforestation campaign organized by UN-Habitat, Hassan said the campaign aims to green areas to withstand the impact of global climate change, deal with desertification and reduce the severity of climate change caused. by the high temperatures and the lack of rain.

All the trees that will be planted are all desert trees, resistant to heat and water shortages and help improve the general health of the population, as they are an important part of the cycle of nature, Hassan noted. In addition, the participation of more than 50 ambassadors aims to raise awareness of the importance of measures taken to improve the climate.

KOC East Kuwait Director of Operations Omar Sadiq (left) and Tajikistan Ambassador Dr Zubaydzoda Najot are participating in the campaign.

East Kuwait operations director at KOC Omar Sadiq said that the oasis of Al-Abdaliya is located in western Kuwait with Kabd extending to southern Kuwait, and started working there in 2011, in cooperation with the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fisheries Resources, where we have been provided with wild plants. The reserve in the first phase was 1,200,000 square meters, where we managed to cultivate 20,000 wild plants, we moved to the second phase two years later, with an area of ​​1,800,000 square meters, aimed at preserving the biodiversity and to develop local fauna, explained Sadiq.

After the success of the second phase, we proceeded to the third, where the total area is now 8 million square meters and has 155,000 wild plants and trees, which includes 40 types of trees and plants such as Al- Arfaj, Al-Arti, Al-Ramth, Al-Qarsi and others.

Meanwhile, U.S. Ambassador to Kuwait Alina Romanowski said this is the second time she has visited the beautiful and distinguished Al-Abdaliya Nature Reserve, where she enjoys being there because she is very interested in nature, with all its plants, animals and trees. in Kuwait. Kuwait demonstrated a strong commitment to environmental protection during its participation in the 27th United Nations Summit on Climate Change and the Environment (COP26), which was held in Glasgow, a noted Romanowski.

The Dean of the Diplomatic Corps and Ambassador of the Republic of Tajikistan, Dr Zubaydzoda Najot, has meanwhile said that participating in the campaign is the best way to get rid of global environmental and climate problems, which is to join the initiatives aimed at to protect the environment. , rationalize the use of natural resources, favor green energies and develop the green economy. He said that in the interest of strengthening ties between Tajikistan and Kuwait, several ornamental and fruit tree seedlings have been brought from Tajikistan. – KUNA


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